Why bamix®?

The bamix® immersion blender will replace many of your kitchen appliances.

  • Performance of up to 200 Watts and to 17,000 rpm.
  • SwissLine stand for storing all parts of the machine.
  • Multi-purpose blade for chopping, pureeing, and mixing all hard and heavy ingredients.
  • Beater blade for all light and frothy foods such as whipped cream, egg white, milk shakes, etc.
  • Whisk blade whisks salad dressings, emulsifies mayonnaise, stirs light dough, creams mashed potatoes and much more besides.
  • Sllicing blade minces meat, fish, and vegetables with coarse fibres.
  • Processor grinds cereals, herbs, spices, coffee and sugar, grates cheese and much more.

bamix® – the hand blender that replaces a food processor.

Unique qualities of your bamix® immersion blender:


The versatility of bamix® knows no limits. It can be used in a small and fragile glass as well as in a large and hot pan on the stove. Thanks to its double-insulated watertight housing, it can be immersed right up to the handle. Use it at home or take it with you when you travel. 

Ease of Use

Its unmistakable and ergonomic design makes the bamix® very easy to handle and to operate and the easily removable blades and attachments make the bamix® the simplest appliance you'll ever use.


It's simple to clean the bamix® – just hold it under hot running water, that's all! No doubt this is one of the biggest advantages of bamix®.


The bamix® hand blender requires very little space, put it on a bamix® stand or in a drawer and pull it out when you need it.


Trusted by professional chefs in restaurants and in kitchens, in hospitals and care homes, Swiss quality makes the bamix® a problem-free and long-lasting appliance you can rely on in your kitchen. All attachments are in stainless steel. The motor, which was developed exclusively for bamix®, is produced in our factory in Switzerland. 


Nowadays most hand blenders are cheap, throwaway products – bamix® stands out from the crowd. The bamix® is a hand blender you can rely on. Many of our appliances have been in use for more than 30 years – and they can still be repaired.




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